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BlogMovers specializes in moving HubSpot blogs and websites to WordPress. We also transfer sites from Blogger, Tumblr, Active Rain, Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine and even custom content management systems.

HubSpot Migration Know-How

The team behind BlogMovers has been migrating from HubSpot to WordPress for more than 7 years. We have seen the issues that arise with HubSpot templates, topics and CTAs and we know how to fix them.

Who Hires Us?

Owners, marketing managers, designers and project managers for small entrepreneurs and the clients of Design, SEO, Marketing and Branding agencies across the country and around the world. 


Name brands like and SolarCity as well as up-and-coming firms have turned to us for their migration needs. Some clients have returned for a second and third project. You won’t be left hanging.


Ready to Move Your Blog or Website to WordPress?

Not all content management systems work out as planned and they don’t all keep up with changing needs indefinitely. When it is time to move from any platform to WordPress we can get the project done. We have successfully moved hundreds of thousands of blog posts.

Why Move from HubSpot?

  1. Most clients move from HubSpot because of the perceived high expense.
  2. Others move because they either feel they have learned what they can from HubSpot or they never put the effort in to learn and don’t want to keep paying for services they are not using.
  3. Migration clients have also told us that they wanted more complete control and that the HubSpot CMS was preventing them from managing their site effortlessly.
  4. Some found that they needed a larger staff than they could devote to properly managing their HubSpot account.

Primary Concerns Before a Migration to WordPress

  1. The number one concern is maintaining the “SEO Juice” that each blog owner has worked so hard to grow and maintain. It is maintained.
  2. Will the site be down during the migration? Never.
  3. Will we have to stop publishing blog posts? Not required.
  4. Will our links still work after the migration? Yes.

Major Considerations before a Move to WordPress

  1. Would you like to retain, improve or replace the current theme/design?
  2. How are CTAs and Landing Pages being handled?
  3. Will the blog URL be retained on a subdomain or improved to a subdirectory?
  4. Do you have all the needed login information? WordPress, FTP, Host, Domain Name.

Benefits of a move to WordPress with

  1. The design will be implemented precisely as you specified. When we replicate or build a design, differences are not noticeable.
  2. Your blog’s technical on page SEO factors are retained and often easier to manage. We prefer the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.
  3. When you ask us to build the theme, your pages will load faster. Often under 1-2 seconds.
  4. You get a two-week warranty.
  5. Most designers and developers will not touch DNS. You can rely on us to handle DNS.

 If this overview got your appetite whet please feel free to contact BlogMovers to get your questions answered and plan your transfer to WordPress today.