Monitoring Your Website With Google Analytics

google analytics

google analytics

I’ve found that most people don’t really give much thought to how their website analytics are set up.  And that’s a shame, because an incredible amount of information about your website can be harvested if Google Analytics is installed and configured properly.

When I , I always insert your analytics script back into your migrated site.  I’ve asked clients in the past if they have configured Analytics to monitor events or goals, and 99% of the time the response I get is something like, “What are you talking about?”

I would like to change that.  Now, whenever I I offer to work with the client in setting up Analytics to effectively gauge how their website is working in fulfilling their overall business goals.  There can be a lot of configuring to do, but the three main areas I want clients to focus on are events, goals, and funnels.


Event tracking is simply monitoring certain actions being taken on your website, such as file downloads or clicking on certain links.  For example, let’s say that you have two call to action buttons on a single webpage that lead to the same place.  With event tracking in place, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of both of them and know if one is performing better than the other.


Goals are the end result of what you want a visitor to do on your website.  If one of your goals on your website is to have a visitor download an ebook, you can set this up in Analytics and monitor how frequently your goals are accomplished.


Funnels are basically the path a visitor takes to accomplish one of the goals you have set in Analytics. For example, let’s go back to the ebook download as your goal.  In order for the visitor to reach your goal, let’s say they have to visit a landing page, click to visit a page to fill out a form, visit the download page, and then download the ebook from there.  That whole process would be a funnel.  Setting up a funnel like this in Analytics could show you how well your goal process is working.  If visitors are stopping after a certain stage, then you’ll know you have improvements to make to your website.

Your Website

Monitoring website traffic is something that everyone should be doing.  If you don’t, you are missing out on a wealth of information that can not only help improve your website, but your business as well.