Why Choose Us

There are only a few places you can go to if you are seeking help migrating your website to WordPress. So why should you choose the Blog Movers for your migration project? We can think of several reasons.

  1. First, not all blog migrations are equal.  Sometimes people cut corners and neglect critical parts of the migration.  I have seen migrations performed by others where they essentially ruined the client’s website through a variety of means.  Here at Blog Movers we don’t cut corners.  Our primary goal with every migration is to give you a website that is even better than what you had originally.  To accomplish this, we go beyond just migrating content and design; we provide you with a premium setup and fix errors as we go along.  Have broken links in your original website?  Those get fixed in the migration.  Blog post URLs change after moving to WordPress?  You can rest assured that we take care of those with 301 redirects for EVERY link that is changed.
  2. The WordPress themes built for your site are second to none.  A Blog Movers WordPress theme and setup is technically advanced, secure, streamlined, and built for ease of use. Every theme is built using the latest SEO standards, and we’ve yet to see a client not get better search engine rankings after we migrate their site.
  3. Being available to our clients is important in maintaining a strong relationship.  The world of business doesn’t always cooperate with our normal hours of operation, which are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM.  So during the time that your website is being migrated, it is very common for us to be corresponding with you either by email or phone at all hours of the day, seven days a week.  We believe that being open and available to you while working on your project, even in the “off” hours, helps facilitate a better working relationship and brings our clients peace of mind.
  4. We feel that our rates are some of the best you’ll find.  We are not a large company with a lot of overhead, and our rates reflect that.  Also, we perform the migrations ourselves; we never outsource your migration project to other developers.  There are people out there who act as a middle man with blog migrations and this is something we feel this is a disservice to you.  When you hire a middle man to migrate your website, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you are paying far more than you should.  So, since we don’t subcontract our work out for profit, and have little overhead, we are able to offer some of the lowest rates you’ll find.
  5. We love doing what we do, and the migrated sites we provide show it.  We have yet to receive any indication from a client that their migrated website didn’t meet or exceed their expectations.
  6. We don’t always expect you to take our word for it; we have former clients that are ready and willing to talk with you about their experience working with us.

We feel that these reasons should be more than enough to encourage you to consider us for your migration project. And if you would like to discuss your website needs further, we can always be reached by email or by phone at 971.599.1930