Move Blogs To WordPress

Here at Blog Movers, our primary focus is to move blogs to WordPress and turn them into highly tuned and efficient machines for your business or pleasure.

We (and when I say “we” I really mean “I”) have been doing this for quite some time and have become really good at what I do.  As someone who moves blogs to WordPress for a living, it brings me great joy when I finish a project and deliver a website that performs better than the client’s original website, is cheaper and easier to maintain, and rekindles the joy they once had when they first had their website.

One thing that sets me apart from other people or companies that perform blog migrations is that you are hiring me and not a company with a lot of overhead (that you pay extra for).  And you’re definitely not hiring a middleman either, which is someone who hires someone else to do the job you hired them for and charges you more money for their “middleman service”.

Move Blogs To WordPress

I’m proud to be able to offer the finest services in moving blogs to WordPress at reasonable prices.  And I’m well aware that my success and reputation are based on your satisfaction and success, so I treat every blog migration as if it were my very own site.

No matter what type of blogging platform you are using, whether it is a mainline system or a custom CMS platform, we can migrate them all.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your move to WordPress, feel free to contact me and allow me to alleviate any concerns you have before deciding to jump into the exciting world of WordPress!