Recreating Your HubSpot Theme On WordPress

When moving from you will obviously need a website to go along with all your migrated content.  Most people are happy with what their website looked like while on HubSpot, so one of the steps in a blog migration is to recreate that design on WordPress.

Recreating an existing design is generally an easy and straightforward process.  You take the sections and design elements that exist on the HubSpot site and duplicate them on the new WordPress site.  If you are adept with HTML, PHP, CSS and javascript, then this part can be a breeze.

While recreating the HubSpot theme you have to pay attention to certain things.  Some pages may have different layouts, so custom page templates need to be built to accommodate them.  Maybe you have images in the header section that are different on certain pages.  These all have to be taken into account when duplicating your theme and coded accordingly.

Images play a big part in this step.  can be a manual process, or you can use software to accomplish this.  The method you choose really depends on how many images need to be imported for this step, and what resources you have on hand.

We can migrate your blog from HubSpot

can be tricky and cumbersome at times, and we’re here to help.  If you would like more information on the costs and procedures involved in moving from HubSpot, please contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.