Moving Images From HubSpot To WordPress

Another important consideration after moving from is making sure that all the images used in your posts and pages reside on your new WordPress site and not on the HubSpot site.

Images can be deceiving

When , you will most likely reconstruct the new site on a test server before launching it.  The test server is where the actual work of and design work takes place.

If you were to copy and paste an article from HubSpot directly into WordPress, publish it and then view the new post, your first reaction may be that everything looks fine.  All the text is there and the images you used in the post are showing up as well.  Don’t be fooled by your initial perception!

Yes, the post images are visible on your site, but those images don’t exist on your WordPress site.  They are being remotely called from your old HubSpot website.  If you revisit the WordPress post editor for the article you copied and pasted and switch to HTML view, you’ll see that the image URL for your post images points to the location on the original HubSpot server, not on your test server!

This is important to note because if you were to keep the image URLs this way, all your images will vanish once the new WordPress site goes live.  That would be bad!

Fixing the image problem

When , it doesn’t matter if you use the RSS importer or copy and paste; you have to correct the image URL if you want your new site to function properly.

If you are using the copy and paste method, then once you paste your article in the WordPress post editor you will need to click on the image in the post and delete it.  After that, go back to the original HubSpot article and download the post image in question to your computer then insert the downloaded image into the post you just copied.  This ensures that the image will not vanish once you flip your website over to WordPress.

If there are a lot of images on the HubSpot site you may choose to use special software or scripts to download the images from that site in bulk.  My personal favorite for this procedure is wget.  allows you to do many things, including downloading all files of a specific type from an entire website.  It is very handy in blog migrations.

Need some help?

We can help you move your blog from HubSpot to WordPress.  If you would like to talk more about this, please get in touch with us and let’s start the dialogue!