Migrating Content From HubSpot To WordPress

In all of the scenarios a person can , moving from HubSpot presents the most challenges.  These challenges are not impossible to overcome, they just require more work.

When moving from , there are a couple of options a person can take to migrate their content.  The option you choose is based on the size of the blog.

Small HubSpot Blogs

hubspot content to wordpress

hubspot to wordpress

If the HubSpot blog in question is small enough, meaning there are 25 or less posts, then you can import all the posts into the new WordPress blog using the WordPress RSS importer.

To do this, go to the HubSpot blog that’s being moved, save the RSS feed, and use that file in combination with the RSS Importer found in the WordPress site’s admin area.

Why do I say 25 posts or less?  That’s because HubSpot’s RSS feed only lists the last 25 entries made.  Anything earlier than that will have to be imported manually or you’ll need to modify the RSS import feed.

Larger HubSpot Blogs

Any HubSpot blog that contains more than 25 posts or pages will require more work to transfer the content.  There are still import options available, but a lot of double checking is required afterwards to ensure that your content is formatted properly.

Alternatively, some people have opted to just manually copy over their HubSpot posts to WordPress, a lengthy and clunky process.

Manually copying and pasting posts while preserving post dates, authors and tags can be overwhelming, especially on good sized blogs with hundreds, or even thousands of posts.  Many people have rejected the idea of moving from HubSpot to WordPress for this very reason.  It can be a huge undertaking if your blog is of good size.

Quick note on images

When using the RSS Import option mentioned before, images are imported into WordPress but the address of these images are still located on HubSpot’s servers.  You would still have to copy these images to your WordPress site and in your posts before deleting your account with HubSpot.

We can help with your HubSpot migration

We would be happy to help in migrating your HubSpot content over to WordPress.  If you would like more information on the costs and procedures involved in this type of move, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.