Tumblr to WordPress

Tumblr has fast become one of the most popular social blogging platforms, quickly surpassing all previous newcomers.  As popular as Tumblr is, there is a growing number of people wanting to leave this platform for something a little more robust, such as WordPress.

We may be a little biased, but we think that’s a great move on your part.  With your own self-hosted WordPress site you will be able to do things that you currently can’t do while on Tumblr.  Having total control of your own website is what it’s all about, right?

What you can expect from your Tumblr to WordPress migration

WP Themes

All of your blog posts, pages, images, and tags get transferred to WordPress. Every last one of them.

You won’t lose the value of any backlinks with our migrations! We ensure that all the proper 301 redirects are in place

A lot of sites we start to migrate contain broken links. We fix all broken links during migration so your website performs even better

All of the themes we create during the migration are responsive and SEO optimized. If you want your current design recreated, we can do that.

Want a custom designed theme for your fresh start? We can do that too.

Or if you’ve seen another WordPress theme that you want to use, we will use that theme for your migration.

The default WordPress installation is not the most secure. We will help protect your site by setting up your newly migrated site to adhere to the highest forms of security. And in case something does go wrong, we will have already set up automated backups of your website so you can easily restore your website back to its original glory!

Analytics, feeds, and forms are just a sample of the features your site may or may not have that we can implement for you. Want a feature that your site doesn’t have? Just ask!

You are not left alone after your migration; we’ll provide instruction on how to use your new site so you can be comfortable in your new surroundings.

We want to help you make the move to WordPress

Recent advancements with the WordPress software has made a lot easier than it has in the past. Certain situations are still difficult and time consuming, but overall the process has become much more streamlined.  If you’ve ever considered leaving Tumblr for WordPress, now would be one of the best times to make the jump.  And we’re here to help ease you along with this transition.

You no doubt have questions about the costs and procedures involved in a migration from .  We would be happy to discuss this with you and explain all the options to you.  If you would like to get the ball rolling on your Tumblr migration, start by requesting a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

TiffanyTo say my experience with Rob at Blog Movers was positive would be an understatement! I was very nervous about transitioning my blog from Tumblr to a custom built WordPress site, and Rob patiently walked me through each step, painstakingly answered all the questions I had in a very time sensitive fashion, and has been there as a source of support for some tweaks I’ve wanted to make after the move.

I also paid a fair price and never felt as though I was being taken advantage of, despite my limited technical knowledge. I would highly recommend Rob and the Blog Movers team as highly professional, responsive, thorough and fast!

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