HubSpot To WordPress

Over the years, more and more people have been moving their websites and blogs from HubSpot to WordPress.  There are many reasons behind their desire to move, but reducing costs seems to be the reason I’ve heard most often.

Moving blogs to WordPress is something to consider when you want to cut expenses from your budget.  WordPress is open source, and there are no monthly fees associated with using this software.  So if you’re trying to save some money by moving from HubSpot to WordPress you’ve come to the right place.

We have migrated countless websites to WordPress from the HubSpot platform. The end result is always a website (or blog) with increased visibility, increased flexibility, and lower monthly costs. Some of our clients have saved thousands of dollars every year by switching to WordPress.

HubSpot vs. WordPress: The Choice Is Obvious

Features & Benefits HubSpot WordPress
Content Management System (CMS)
Call To Action (with tracking)
Landing Pages (with tracking)
Lead Tracking
Easily edit or change any part of your website
Easily extensible
Sell products or services directly from your website
Community Support Minimal Massive
Who owns your website’s platform: HubSpot You
Monthly Cost (this is eye-opening!) $200-$2,400+ Approx. $10-$20*

* Some optional third party software may increase the monthly cost

Moving from HubSpot is hard, but we make it easy

Unfortunately, migrating from HubSpot isn’t that easy of a process.  There is no export tool where you can easily export all your HubSpot content and import it into WordPress.  Additionally, access to the database isn’t readily available so most users feel overwhelmed at the idea of manually importing their posts and comments from HubSpot to WordPress. Migrating images and forms from HubSpot is problematic for most people as well.

Fortunately, we are the premiere provider of HubSpot migrations, and you can rest assured knowing that your website is in the hands of a professional.

What you can expect with a HubSpot migration from Blog Movers

WP Themes

All of your blog posts, pages, landing pages, images, files, forms and CTAs get transferred to WordPress. Every last one of them

We take careful precautions to ensure that nothing is left behind when we migrate your website from HubSpot to WordPress.

You won’t lose the value of any backlinks with our migrations! We ensure that all the proper 301 redirects are in place

Plus, our themes are built using the highest in SEO standards, so you can expect a website that search engines will love!

All of the themes we create during the migration are responsive and SEO optimized.

If you want your current design recreated, we can do that. Want a custom designed theme for your fresh start? We can do that too.

See another WordPress theme that you want to use? We can use that theme for your migration.

The default WordPress installation is not the most secure. We will help protect your site by setting up your newly migrated site to adhere to the highest forms of security.

And in case something does go wrong, we will have already set up automated backups of your website so you can easily restore your website back to its original glory!

You are not left alone after your migration; we’ll provide instruction on how to use your new site so you can be comfortable in your new surroundings.

Ready to migrate from HubSpot to WordPress?

We would love to be a part of your move to WordPress. If you are ready to have your website or blog migrated to WordPress, begin by getting a free, no obligation consultation today!

Tony WrightOne problem with HubSpot is that once you’ve gained the education on how to make your blog successful, you are trapped into using their very expensive CMS with little added value.

After stumbling around the internet looking for a solution to migrate away from HubSpot, I came across Rob at Blog Movers. I was nervous, to say the least, since I had a ton of content that was driving traffic and I didn’t want to disrupt any of the search engine credibility for which I had worked so hard. Rob took care of all of the redirects so that every single blog post I had with HubSpot was seamlessly migrated to WordPress without my clients noticing any change.

Rob went above and beyond, not only to make sure that my site migrated properly, but that it was even better than before, both for my ease of use, and the site’s optimization for search engines. I’m not one to write testimonials for anyone, but I believe in the service that Rob provides and I’m thrilled to be one of his many clients. Still on the fence? Ask Rob for my contact information and I’d be happy to tell you more about the experience.

Tony Wright
Naples Reporting