Blogger To WordPress Migrations Made Easy

One of the most common blog migrations is moving from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger is a hugely popular blogging platform, but many people opt to move their blog to WordPress after a while to gain the added advantages and flexibility WordPress offers.

Things to consider when moving from Blogger

blogger to wordpress

Blogger to WordPress

Because Blogger is so widely used, there are tools available to assist in exporting blog posts and comments. However, importing images and post formatting is often a problem. There are several plugins available that claim to do the job, but most are outdated and no longer function properly with the newest versions of WordPress.

Other things to consider when moving from Blogger to WordPress is domain names and redirects. Many people who started a free blog on Blogger will need a new domain to move their content to, as well as web hosting. And if you already have your own domain that you’re using Blogger on you may need web hosting as well.

Redirecting visitors from your old Blogger site to your new WordPress site takes a little know-how to do it right. And you want it done correctly because building up rank and influence on a Blogger blog is something you definitely want migrated as well!

Blogger to WordPress

Blog Movers can help you

We would love to be a part of your . We have successfully moved dozens of blogs from the Blogger platform to WordPress without a hitch. We can recreate your current design, or design you a whole new custom theme if you wish.

If you would like to explore the possibility of moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress, get in touch with us and we can discuss the costs and process of moving your blog to the WordPress platform.

The RecessionistaMary has a popular fashion blog that she was running on the Blogger platform. This had served her needs well in the past, but she had reached the point where she wanted features on her site that she couldn’t seem to get while still on Blogger.

Mary reached out to me and explained her desires for her website. In addition to completely migrating all her content from Blogger into WordPress, we ended up creating a modified design of her site on WordPress. We added a featured content slider on her home page, social sharing options, and a slew of security and speed optimizations.

The traffic to Mary’s website is continuing to grow, and her new WordPress setup has handled the growth beautifully.

The Recessionista