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Does A Blog Migration Affect SEO?

People considering a migration to WordPress are often concerned about what will happen to their site’s search rankings afterwards. It is a very valid concern, and not one to be taken lightly. People often ask me if migrating their website will cause their rankings to drop, and my answer is always, “Yes and no.” This […]

Redirects Can Make Or Break Your Migration

About 2 months ago I was approached to do a migration from HubSpot to WordPress.  I spoke with the prospective client’s agent several times over the course of a few days.  During this process, I did a pretty thorough examination of the HubSpot site to be migrated, including creating a list of all the URLs […]

Monitoring Your Website With Google Analytics

I’ve found that most people don’t really give much thought to how their website analytics are set up.  And that’s a shame, because an incredible amount of information about your website can be harvested if Google Analytics is installed and configured properly. When I move blogs to WordPress, I always insert your analytics script back […]

WordPress Security

There are many different options you can take when installing a WordPress site, but when we move blogs to WordPress we utilize several measures to ensure that your new website has rock-solid security and is nearly impervious to hackers. We would like to say that our WordPress installs are 100% safe from hackers, but unfortunately, […]

Moving From A Custom CMS To WordPress

Not every blog runs on mainstream software.  There are many blogs built on customized content management systems.  These types of blogs require a special touch when performing WordPress migrations. Because these blogs are built on a custom CMS, there are no WordPress plugins available to import the content into a WordPress readable format.  And it’s […]