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Using Call To Action (CTA) In WordPress

The HubSpot software is pretty good with using call to action messages when creating blog posts.  HubSpot users can create many different CTA messages, and they can be inserted into posts as they see fit.  Or a user can set it to where a set of CTA buttons are randomly inserted after a blog post.  […]

HubSpot Migrations: 5 Things To Remember

When you’re getting ready to migrate from HubSpot to WordPress you should have a checklist of steps that need to be done before going live with your new site.  You can’t go wrong with the following items. WordPress install You will need to acquire new hosting for your new WordPress site and you’ll need to […]

Recreating Your HubSpot Theme On WordPress

When moving from HubSpot to WordPress you will obviously need a website to go along with all your migrated content.  Most people are happy with what their website looked like while on HubSpot, so one of the steps in a blog migration is to recreate that design on WordPress. Recreating an existing design is generally […]

Moving Images From HubSpot To WordPress

Another important consideration after moving from HubSpot to WordPress is making sure that all the images used in your posts and pages reside on your new WordPress site and not on the HubSpot site. Images can be deceiving When moving blogs to WordPress, you will most likely reconstruct the new site on a test server […]

Using Redirects After Moving From HubSpot To WordPress

One of the worst things you can do when moving a blog to WordPress is not implementing any URL redirects.  Without any redirects in place, you lose several key benefits and the user experience is diminished. After moving your blog, redirects are needed for the following reasons: SEO.  Any backlink pointing to one of your […]

Migrating Content From HubSpot To WordPress

In all of the scenarios a person can move blogs to WordPress, moving from HubSpot presents the most challenges.  These challenges are not impossible to overcome, they just require more work. When moving from HubSpot to WordPress, there are a couple of options a person can take to migrate their content.  The option you choose […]