Problems Migrating From Blogger To WordPress

Moving from is probably the most common type of blog migration.  These two types of blogging software are the most popular, which explains the large amount of migrations from Blogger over to WordPress.

Fortunately, Blogger and WordPress make these types of moves rather simple.  Blogger lets you easily export all your blog posts to a file and WordPress has a plugin that can import posts from this file.  So if it sounds like migrating content from Blogger to WordPress is easy, it usually is but there can be some hiccups along the way.

First, sometimes the blog post content doesn’t format correctly in WordPress.  You might find some large gaps between paragraphs, or you might even see some weird text where it shouldn’t be.  These issues need to be corrected before launching your new WordPress blog live.

Second, importing images are often a problem.  Even though you can see the images in your posts, the coded location of the images may still point to a location on Blogger’s server.  If you were to shut down your Blogger blog without correcting the image location, all those images in your blog posts would suddenly disappear.  That’s not good.

These issues will never be a problem when if all the steps in a proper blog migration are adhered to.

We move blogs from Blogger to WordPress the right way

We would love to be part of your blog migration and ensure that all your content and images make the transfer.  If you would like more information on hiring us for your move to WordPress, please get in touch with us and we’ll contact you shortly.