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The HubSpot Migration Special Is Back!

Just thought I’d give a quick shout to let you know that the popular migration package I offer for HubSpot is back on for a limited time! This has always been an inexpensive way to get a website that works […]

Here Are Two Ways To Keep Your Copyright Date Current

One of the most neglected parts of a website is the copyright date. I can’t tell you for certain how many websites I’ve come across with outdated copyright dates, but it is quite a few. You may have noticed these […]

Add Markup To Images In WordPress

WordPress developers are finally starting to embrace markup in themes and plugins, and that’s a good thing. I’ve been implementing schema markup in the websites I’ve been building for a few years now, and it has definitely helped the […]

DIY HubSpot To WordPress Migration

We live in a do-it-yourself generation, and I count myself as one of those types of people.  That’s why I’ve decided to offer a DIY course on HubSpot to WordPress migrations that motivated individuals can take advantage of. I’ve been […]

Protect The wp-admin Folder With .htaccess

One easy way you can add an extra layer of security to your WordPress website is to protect your wp-admin folder by blocking access to everyone other than you.  This only takes a few minutes to do, and it can […]

Permalinks After Migrating From Blogger To WordPress

If you compare the permalink structure on a WordPress blog to a Blogger blog you’ll notice real quick that Blogger URLs end in “.html” while WordPress URLs don’t.  When migrating a blog from Blogger to WordPress that is something that […]

Does A Blog Migration Affect SEO?

People considering a migration to WordPress are often concerned about what will happen to their site’s search rankings afterwards. It is a very valid concern, and not one to be taken lightly. People often ask me if migrating their website […]

The 10 Best Plugins Used By Blog Movers

WordPress has existed for 10 years and I’ve been building WordPress websites for almost as long.  During this time, a lot of things have changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is using plugins to enhance the functionality of your […]

Using Call To Action (CTA) In WordPress

The HubSpot software is pretty good with using call to action messages when creating blog posts.  HubSpot users can create many different CTA messages, and they can be inserted into posts as they see fit.  Or a user can set […]

Redirects Can Make Or Break Your Migration

About 2 months ago I was approached to do a migration from HubSpot to WordPress.  I spoke with the prospective client’s agent several times over the course of a few days.  During this process, I did a pretty thorough examination […]