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Migrating Content From Tumblr To WordPress

Migrating content from is a lot easier since the importing plugin was developed, but many users are still having a hard time switching over.  Most of the problems arise when moving from a custom Tumblr domain to WordPress.

The solution to this problem isn’t readily apparent, but is quite simple.

If you have a Tumblr blog on a custom domain (example,, you have to uncheck the custom domain feature in your Tumblr admin section before .

tumblr content migration

tumblr content migration

After you uncheck this option, your Tumblr blog address will revert back to the original URL (example, and will now be able to be imported into your new WordPress blog.

Need help migrating your Tumblr content?

We can help you migrate from Tumblr to WordPress.  If you would like more information on the costs and procedures involved in moving from Tumblr, please contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.

HubSpot Migrations: 5 Things To Remember

When you’re getting ready to migrate from you should have a checklist of steps that need to be done before going live with your new site.  You can’t go wrong with the following items.

WordPress install

You will need to acquire new hosting for your new WordPress site and you’ll need to have WordPress installed as well.  Many hosting companies have simplified the already simple installation of WordPress, but those kinds of installs leave little room for customization and security.

It is better to install WordPress manually and to make some modifications afterwards for .

Email setup

You may need to setup and configure email with your new hosting.  This is usually a simple process if your host has cPanel.

301 redirects

One of the things we always do when is to ensure that 301 redirects are in place.  We hate the idea of a website having a ton of 404 errors and losing the value of any incoming links.

WordPress theme

If you’re planning on using a stock WordPress theme, then all you have to do is upload it to your themes folder.  If you’re having a custom theme built, then you’ll need to ensure that everything looks right and functions right before going live with your new site.

Subscriber services and analytics

When moving from HubSpot to WordPress you will need to replace HubSpot’s analytics and subscriber services with something else.  We almost always replace that with Feedburner and Google Analytics.  After signing up for these services, they need to be configured and the appropriate code needs to be added to your new WordPress website.

Depending on your type of blog migration you may need to do more or less than what was just listed, but this list is always a good start.

Moving From A Custom CMS To WordPress

Not every blog runs on mainstream software.  There are many blogs built on customized content management systems.  These types of blogs require a special touch when performing .

Because these blogs are built on a custom CMS, there are no WordPress plugins available to import the content into a WordPress readable format.  And it’s pretty safe to say that there is probably no content export function available on the custom blog as well.

With those importing and exporting options not available, you are left with two options: either manually copying the content into WordPress or modifying the custom database into something WordPress can work with.

If the custom blog to be moved is small enough, it might make sense to just go ahead and copy and paste the articles into WordPress.  This could take less time than it would take to analyze the custom blog’s database and run a bunch of modification queries.

If the customized blog is large enough, manually importing the content this way would be very inefficient.  You will want to modify the database if possible in order to .

Earlier this year we were hired to migrate a website that ran on a custom CMS to WordPress.  The total amount of posts and pages to be moved numbered about 2,500.  It would have taken weeks to move that much content if we chose to do it manually.  Instead, we were able to modify the sections of their database that contained their blog posts, convert them to the format WordPress requires, and copy those database tables into the WordPress site.

By fiddling with the database, we were able to import all of the client’s content in a much shorter amount of time than if the content had to be manually imported post by post.

We can migrate your custom CMS to WordPress

Do you have a website built on a custom CMS and want to move it to WordPress?  Get in touch with us!

Problems Migrating From Blogger To WordPress

Moving from is probably the most common type of blog migration.  These two types of blogging software are the most popular, which explains the large amount of migrations from Blogger over to WordPress.

Fortunately, Blogger and WordPress make these types of moves rather simple.  Blogger lets you easily export all your blog posts to a file and WordPress has a plugin that can import posts from this file.  So if it sounds like migrating content from Blogger to WordPress is easy, it usually is but there can be some hiccups along the way.

First, sometimes the blog post content doesn’t format correctly in WordPress.  You might find some large gaps between paragraphs, or you might even see some weird text where it shouldn’t be.  These issues need to be corrected before launching your new WordPress blog live.

Second, importing images are often a problem.  Even though you can see the images in your posts, the coded location of the images may still point to a location on Blogger’s server.  If you were to shut down your Blogger blog without correcting the image location, all those images in your blog posts would suddenly disappear.  That’s not good.

These issues will never be a problem when if all the steps in a proper blog migration are adhered to.

We move blogs from Blogger to WordPress the right way

We would love to be part of your blog migration and ensure that all your content and images make the transfer.  If you would like more information on hiring us for your move to WordPress, please get in touch with us and we’ll contact you shortly.

Reasons To Move From Active Rain To WordPress

There can be quite a few reasons why someone would want to move their , but the most common reasons I’ve heard tend to fall in the following categories.

  1.  Branding.  It can be hard to brand yourself or your business if you are using somebody else’s software.  If you want to be unique, then you have to step out on your own.
  2. Flexibility.  Active Rain has a lot of great features for networking between agents, but if you want to do something with your blog that isn’t possible with Active Rain, then you’re stuck.
  3. Control.  If you have your own WordPress blog, then you have total control over your website.  You choose what you publish and what you do.  You’re not bound by the terms and conditions of somebody else.
  4. Domain.  If your blog is part of the Active Rain network, then your place on the web isn’t really your own.  Hosting a WordPress blog on your own domain brings with it added credibility.  With hosting costs generally running under $10 a month, isn’t it worth it?

Thinking of moving to WordPress?

We can and give you the security in knowing that you own your web presence.  Contact us today and we’ll provide a quote that outlines the costs and procedures involved in providing you with a blog or website of your own!